Updated Investor Deck

Hello Tom…

Thanks for all the updates / info over past few days. Strowz about that then! Sorry couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Anyway, can I please ask when you would be in a position to share the investor deck for the upcoming Seedrs round?

All the best to you…

Lol @TheGs,

Thanks for asking, the deck is almost ready and will let you know before the round.

Best wishes

Good one Tom…thanks mate

Hello Tom…are the materials close to being ready to share? TY :v:t3:


Hi @TheGs, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, aiming to have the material ready by the latest Thursday :slightly_smiling_face:

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Terrific TY :pray:t2: Exciting times. Have a good week all…

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Like that it now shows values of the buckets. When does the interest on the buckets get paid? And at what date do you need to have money in the buckets for the interest to be added to them on a monthly basis?

Hi ORL44, thanks for that. We have been constantly iterating on the product and loving it. Look at the attachment about to come out in a day or two. This is early reporting but will get much more sophisticated.

The interest gets paid on the 1st of each month, but very soon we will be rolling out interest payments on 1st and 15th of each month.


This is starting to look really good - obviously the monthly Premium charge will be included.

Thanks @Curious1, yes it will shown up as a separate line.

We will soon be rolling out a promotional period of 2 months free for anyone to join us as Premium member and earn 2% interest. We will honour that back to all of our existing premium members too.

We feel very confident that once you have tried our Premium account, you will want it.

We are currently trialling and will soon start to send out predictive interest earned emails too. It is fair to say that Strowz should be the premium platform for people saving for big ticket items like house deposits, cars, holiday, weddings etc. Not to mention our Retail partner program which is also underway to provide promotional vouchers.

There can then be a bridge between savers who may wish to transfer some of the funds into investing, provided they meet the suitability.

best wishes,

Strowz is more than simply a financial lifestyle product which offers optimised portfolios to everyone from £10 in times of volatility or otherwise, helps people with saving intuitively for their goals whilst growing their money with 2% interest rates.

More importantly it is about transparency and spirit of living, that is why our first item on our investment products page shows our portfolio performance updated daily, unlike our peers.

We share the ethos that we all save to live, not live to save. Therefore to continue with the spirit of living, finance need not be boring. We will be introducing two new headers on top of the existing themes. Please feel free to send themes you would like included on Strowz App, bear in mind we have to be selective :sunglasses:

I have been coming across numerous small businesses that have almost universally been hit hard by recent events, and just want to get their financial lifestyle back or on track again. Many of them have been running the businesses on negligible levels of cash or “whatever happened to” reserves?

There must additionally be some serious demand out there for a Strowz model savings vehicle targeted specifically at companies. Many people are talking about getting back on their feet & ensuring that this does not happen to them again.


Thanks @Curious1, I could not agree more.

It is definitely where we want to go next, the business community. They should and do have reserves.

They need to preserve and grow that cash, Strowz needs to fulfil that gap.

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I agree with that. I work with a wide variety of businesses and it baffles me how none of them really use deposit accounts when they have a significant amount of cash in the business.