Unveiling of the new MarketsFlow - Strowz!

Hello all,

In this communication, I wish to share the transformative path forward to grow our extraordinary company.

When I founded MarketsFlow in 2017, I knew it would have a very exciting journey irrespective of the economic cycles.

The highly innovative portfolio optimisation platform won multiple awards over the last 3 years, and then last year in June, we launched the first pooled capital portfolios of its kind globally.

Whilst it was a very exhausting journey we had a lot of fun with numbers. Yes with numbers, oddly enough!

We had already established that we were one of the most innovative firms in portfolio data optimization, and now applying this to pooled capital portfolios.

So what was lacking and where to next for MarketsFlow?
Two important things – spirit of the product, and having a mainstream product appeal.

By spirit, we mean the character of our company and its products. We were too dull and dry, just like the other tens of financial apps out there.

Our investment product only addressed 5% of the market. We now wanted the Target Addressable Market to be 100% and most importantly wanted a kick-ass product appeal.

So what did we do about it?
Last November, I sat down with one of our Advisory Board members and looked at the Micro-savings and Round-Ups market, I immediately felt that we could build a far superior savings product from a functionality perspective. Such products appeal to 40% of digital banking customers which total 10M in 2020.

We immediately started working on one of the most functionally advanced Micro-savings and Round-ups accounts in the UK and abroad.

In terms of the spirit, the product had to be enchanting. We were looking for immersive lifestyle inspiration.

If Apple, Disney or Pinterest were to come up with savings account or a piggy bank, this is how they would do it.

As we clocked countless hours in creative brainstorming, we finally got our epiphany moment.

We had to build a dream savings platform, which would enable users to live a better and fuller life. Now we had to make it fully immersive by adding social media style functionality. Simply brilliant!

None of this would be possible without an amazing set of characters, who cherish data mining as much as creative design, storytelling and immersive UI/UX.

We also wanted to design the best App for fintech, period.

Here it is!

Thanks to Paul, Catherine, Evgeny and Laszlo, I am very proud to unveil the new MarketsFlow, which is now Strowz.

The genesis of Strowz comes from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The architect of the Golden Gate Bridge was Joseph Strauss – we changed the Strauss surname to be Strowz. The bridge symbolises the access path to your dreams.

Now we want to Strowz your dreams!!

Dream savings need not be dull, its time we added a bit of colour.

Discover our App logo animation.

When is the launch, and what next for Strowz?

This is incredibly exciting as we will be launching this week. Yes, this week.

The Strowz team invites you to pre-register here for exclusive early access.

We are giving away £500 on 31st of March to one of our users who creates a dream savings on the Strowz App. Here are the competition details.

Seedrs and London Underground Advertising

In April, we will launch our Seedrs campaign and then in mid-April we will be advertising on London Underground in 1650 plus carriages.

Along with the £500 prize in March, we will be giving away £500 cash prize in April to one of our Strowz users. We want everyone to realise their dreams savings, and our prize will play its part.

We will be launching an immersive content-driven marketing campaign to fuel the traction of our Strowz App.

The future of the Strowz App is now Micro-savings, Rounds Ups and Investments.

Visit strowz.com for more info. Pre-register here for a chance to win £500 by March 31st.

If you have any feedback or thoughts, I would love to hear from you at tom@marketsflow.com

Lets Strowz our dreams!


Founder and CEO, Strowz


Hi Tom,

Strowz sounds good but there is scant little detail regarding the fundraising.

Could you please tell us…

What this means for Crowdcube investors?

What will the new valuation be?

Will we get to exercise pre-emptive rights before the launch goes public?

Will Crowdcube investors be getting a company update before this campaign?

Will we be able to move our Crowdcube shares over to Seedrs afterwards?

Please let us know.


…so no more using AI and machine learning to invest in options?

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Yes, maybe this is unaffected but Tom’s statement was unclear and should be clarified.

Did I miss something? What makes you think there’s a fundraising coming soon? Was it announced and I didn’t notice it? Where is it mentioned?

Yes because he said seedrs campaign.

Can’t believe I missed that sentence 🤦

I think it would be good for clarity if Seedrs is going to be selected, as to why not Crowdcube (CC) again? Has Tom been unsatisfied with the CC experience perhaps or better terms with Seedrs. Either way I and others would probably be interested in the reasons.

This is stereotyping obviously but having used both I find CrowdCube more bandwagon FOMO investors, whilst Seedrs are more mature and considered. Perhaps a better place given the growth stage of Strowz?

Like I said - heavily stereotyping.

I’m yet to invest through Seedrs (though I’ll certainly dip my toes there when Strowz goes live). I will say that there seems to be fewer and fewer truly investable opportunities on Crowdcube as of late.

I’d agree with that. I’m signed up to both but would tend to agree with Martijn’s comments. Hopefully, we’ll get further clarity from Tom but yesterdays news was a tad confusing. Is this a Holt driven strategy for example?

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I think the golden age of crowdfunding is over. At least for me, as I only invest in FinTech as that’s what I understand. Most areas in FinTech now have one or two leading players, there’s less and less white space left for truly disruptive companies that can scale up.

I do worry about timing of a crowdfunding round. With the world tethering on a recession, people will have less disposable income or keep it in an emergency fund, rather than a risky startup. Also, with stocks plummeting and prime stocks up for grabs for crazy prices (Square down with 60%, Shell below £10) many will opt for those instead.

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So no one is concerned that the business model appears to have completely changed with little rationale?

Has Adam left? Wonder who is looking after the models right now.

Maybe I am mistaken, but it’s not like the baby is being thrown out with the bath water.

MarketsFlow worked, but it had a very niche appeal as it’s quite technical and nerdy and difficult to articulate. People are also worried about parking large sums of money with startups that they’re not familiar with.

So the way I see it, MarketFlows remains but it gets a shiny new front-end which is likely to have a much broader appeal, because it tugs one the heart strings by letting people fulfil their dreams. This resonates more and is a much easier story to tell, so it should help with scaling up. By focusing more on micro savings, people can dip their toes in the water with Strowz and go from their - others do that, like Chip, MoneyBox, etc.

Within that shiny front end sits and Investments option, where the MarketsFlow approach comes in.

To me it seems like it pivots from a target audience of relatively well off people who are financially very literate and understand investing, whom are few and far between, to a visually appealing and emotionally connected micro savings front loaded approach, that supposedly attracts a much wider base.

In short: it no longer just targets investors, it aims to turn people into savers and then shift them into investors.


Indeed. I think that coversd it off quite well. I know there are a couple of other firms offering something similar including True Potential which has by all accounts been very successful so far.

Hadn’t heard of true potential. Just looked them up - concept seems interesting, but UX/UI is shambolic and a throwback to the naighties. It’s also diabolically dull. Strowz can do better.

Well let’s hope so. If Strowz can be slicker and more available to everyone (which TP isn’t) that bodes well. It would also be interesting if this changes Holt’s positioning. No doubt Tom will clarify that in due course…

I doubt it. You can see the “old” MarketsFlow as the machine or engine, whilst the new Strowz builds an attractive customer funnel on top of that.


I for one am very much looking forward to this. Hoping the release of end of this week means we get access to it today!

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Trying the new interface now and I really like the feel of it. Impressive experience so far. However, the round ups will be of limited use to me given that I do most of my spending on credit cards rather than my main debit card - may want to include a way to link up credit card accounts too. I also like the speed at and accuracy with which Salt Edge works.

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