Time to say goodbye to Strowz community forum

Hello all,

Hope that you and your loved ones are safe, and are looking forward to the bank holiday weekend.

The community has been great in the early shaping of MarketsFlow’s accessible portfolio product, which now proudly sits within Strowz’s wider offering.

The community has thrived with ideas, some of which have been implemented and others put in the pipeline. We have gone through significant changes in the product over the last 4 months and done that in such unprecedented times working remotely.

I thank the Strowz team for their unrelentless and uncompromising spirit. Characters are truly tested in challenging times, and Strowz team and its users have shown their mettle.

However, our direction is to move forward with transparency, design, creativity and above all, an excellent financial lifestyle product, which covers savings, investments and other complementing products.

With this in mind, we will focus our energies and efforts on relevant content across the blog, help section, website, social media and our App.

Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to the Community forum. When the time is right, we will launch another collaborative community offering.

The community forum will be pulled down in the next day or two.

We like the community ethos of Waitrose and John Lewis, and we will learn from them.

Until such time, may I thank heartily all of the contributors for your thoughts and ideas. You have made a great contribution to the investment engine of Strowz, which stands strongly as one of the best products in the market.

You will continue to play a part in Strowz’s development through other channels. You can also directly email me through the website, I promise you that I will reply even though it may take some time.

My best wishes,
Tom and the Strowz team

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@tom_mf I have worked for JL and Waitrose for the past 20 years… if down the line you want some advice on how to implement similar communication channels for Strowz shareholders or customers then please do feel free to get in touch. I’d be happy to share my thoughts



Thanks @Geordie1
Much appreciated, Catherine and I would love to get in touch to learn more from you regarding your experience at JL and Waitrose. :blush:

Have a great bank holiday weekend!