The future of Asset Management

I had a four part series on the future of asset management published in Banking Exhange. MarketsFlow gets a mention in Part IV:



I’ve just quickly read through your 4-part series on the Future of Asset Management & will be reading through it again.

I have to say this is extremely eloquent, providing a superb backdrop perspective on Asset Management & the storm of factors that have come together to drive it towards a very different future directionally.

Your conclusions on exactly what this means for the fast-developing cohort of new Asset Managers, including MarketsFlow, WiseAlpha, Nutmeg, Wealthify etc are very difficult to argue with. The Megolithic Fund Managers will undoubtedly start to cherry-pick favoured companies, those that survive may strategically consolidate their offerings through defensive mergers, or seek licensing arrangements with the big funds in an attempt to stay as “independent” as they can.

Companies that are illiquid, with new-wave products capable of generating proven Alpha returns, whilst striving to achieve critical mass are going to be uniquely vulnerable to predation. The compensating good news for investors is that these factors will significantly increase the already fast-pace of change, and in tandem share prices in the sector.

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If Martijn & MF are agreeable I think this series of articles should be consolidated & more prominently shown as part of MF’s educational provision on the website.

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More than happy for them to be published - glad that people like them.

Hi Martijn
Excellent levels of information and very well articles throughout. A must read! Many thanks.


Edit for the above comment - “very well written articles throughout” Well done.

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Hello Martijn,

Great articles! Thanks for sharing

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