Thank you all for playing your part in MarketsFlow’s development!

I am writing this from the skies as we are about to land in Montreal in about 35 minutes. It is Sunday, 18th of August and local time here is 3.35pm.

Life at MarketsFlow has never been busier, I was in the office yesterday and Anton and Ilya were both working. The thing is that I never asked any of them to work on Saturdays, but they just wanted to finish some pending issues. In fact Anton was working until 8 pm, and did not want to rest until the issue was fixed, I had forced him to call it a day.

I have worked in different corporate environments, and other entrepreneurial environments but seldom have I ever worked in an environment where there is so much contentment, excitement and one-ness (did not want to use unity) across the board from staff to clients, to investors, to stakeholders.

Yesterday, on our day off from the markets, I discussed with Adam for about an hour on how we can improve our portfolio performances for our clients. And I can best describe everything that is ongoing at MarketsFlow, as being done for the right reasons. Yes, it helps us earn higher fees if our portfolios perform better, but that is not the main reason for us constantly improving. We feel that we truly can make a difference to a very large market in the UK, and soon globally with our accessible portfolios.

I strongly sense that Ilya intrinsically enjoys working on his baby, the MF app, he has recently implemented redux, latest API integrations, and multiple complex layers, and he is doing it because he feels pride in doing so. Anton is improving and optimising the code base, not because I asked him to do so, because he wants to do so. Adam is working on many facets of how we can grow and harness our rule-book for the optimisation platform.

I am most overjoyed by the role our investors and clients are playing in MF’s development, whether that is online or through our community channels, Advisory Board or offline. Even though we have not yet officially launched our incentivised referral program, yet some of our hardcore investors/clients/Advisory Board members cannot stop referring clients to us.

I am humbled by all of this, and eternally grateful to everyone involved in MarketsFlow. In fact I feel very blessed to play my role in developing this wonderful firm.

We have some very exciting plans for MarketsFlow, much bigger than what I anticipated in the early founding months.

Thank you to everyone for playing your part in MarketsFlow’s growth, and to the next 100 years!



Hi Tom, wishing you all the very best in Montreal this week.
Well done to all at MarketsFlow.

All the best in Montreal!

When can we expect to see the hard work of Ilya come to light? Keen to see the next iteration of the app.

Hi Tom.

I hope all goes well for you over there.

Just wondering. Do you have any idea when the referral program will launch?

Thank you @tom_mf! To the next 100years and beyond.

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