Rescheduling of MarketsFlow’s weekly Talkshow webcast, and our Portfolio performance for this week

Hello all,
Tom and Adam will be having our regular weekly Friday portfolio performance talkshow webcast on Monday 24th of June for the current week, due to some unexpected meetings. We will be back to normal from next Friday.
I am posting below the portfolio performances for this week, please keep in mind that we still have half a day to go.

MarketsFlow High Growth Portfolio : 0.60%

MarketsFlow Growth Portfolio : 0.55%

MarketsFlow ISA Portfolio : 0.30%

You will be delighted to hear that we will almost be in cash going into the next week.
Have a great weekend! :blush: :sunny:

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@Marie - it’d be good to post some benchmark data with it, how the S&P 500 and / or FTSE 500 have performed over the same period.

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