Penny Radio Podcast - Help Needed!

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a financial education project of mine for a few months now. Personal finance education is a passion of mine and I want to help people learn how to manage their finances. I’m a qualified (but not practicing) financial adviser, but I fully believe that most people can manage their own finances and don’t need to use an adviser in the majority of cases. Also a lot of people couldn’t access financial advice even if they wanted to.

So I’ve started my own podcast, Penny Radio, to help people understand personal finance and to ultimately build a framework to manage their own money. I’ve been running it since the start of the year and at the moment have about 1,000 listens. However feedback has been fairly limited so I was hoping to enlist the help of some like-minded people that know their stuff and share a passion for personal finance. Given some of the discussions we’ve had on here I think you guys more than fit the bill!

So if you’re looking for something to do in lockdown and wouldn’t mind providing some helpful feedback, I’d appreciate it if you could listen to an episode or two and let me know what you think. You can find it here and listen on all the major podcast platforms.

I’m doing it all voluntarily and independently so have a very limited budget and have zero experience podcasting or editing, so please excuse the production quality!

Given the limited financial education education in schools and times like these showing just how important an understanding of personal finance really is, I’m hoping more initiatives will start popping up over the next few months.




Oh!! This is superb and I will take a listen whilst also sharing on my networks

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Thanks @Sydriq, much appreciated!

@JamesWhitt what a great worthy cause. Keep up the amazing work and all the best!

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Thanks for the support @tom_mf!