Nutmeg Valuation

Hi Guys, I see Nutmeg are back on Crowdcube with an incredible £1.8b of assets under management and a self proclaimed value of £251m
I know some of the community are also investors in nutmeg, does this seem a realistic valuation? How does MarketsFlow grow to a similar scale and entice some of the clientele from Nutmeg to try MarketsFlow?

Compared to traditional, established Asset Managers listed on major stock exchanges, Nutmeg’s valuation as a proportion of its AUM is relatively rich but seems to factor in the potential for greater / rapid growth.

I think that there is a lot to learn here for MarketsFlow. Wait until AUM and AUA significantly increases before the next injection of cash and ensure that the valuation as a proportion of AUM + AUA is quite high and considerate of MarketsFlow’s steep, forecasted growth trajectory.

We shouldn’t be scared of raising at high valuations given the unique propositions to reflect potential growth. At the very least, it provides a benchmark for what MarketsFlow could raise at if it had £1.8bn AUM.


Found Nutmeg’s AUM growth from 2012-18 on a Crowdcube thread.

FY12: £1,205,913
FY13: £31,976,481
FY14: £151,663,122
FY15: £328,324,703
FY16: £592,343,049
FY17: £1,132,014,116
FY18: £1,142,771,680

Most importantly and interestingly, MarketsFlow beats Nutmeg on AUM growth in its first year, as far as I’m aware.

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I think the last I read MF was at £250k after 4 weeks… not quite the £1,2m of Nutmeg year 1 but there are many weeks of the year left.
I am intrigued to know how many investors have invested a one off amount and how many (like myself) will add money on a monthly basis (subject to continued positive fun performance).
@VishalWilde was there any detail around aum at each funding round?

That’s only for the accessible portfolios. There were customers before that (albeit details were buried a little more deeply in the Crowdcube materials). However, there’s so much interest that it’s most likely to be out of date now.