New Micro-Savings App & Savings Bucket

The new Micro-Savings and Round-ups App is visually appealing, fast & very slick to use. I set up a Direct Debit & Savings Bucket very quickly & easily. After the lock-down everyone will need to treat themselves - I’m off on holiday!

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Agreed! Though I’m not sure if I’ve lost a bit of the round up functionality in the updates? Previously it showed 1x, 2x etc. But now I don’t have that. Not sure if it’s the same for you?

ORL44 - The choices I’m getting are Round-up to £1, £2, £3 or £5. Or add an amount say £2 to the purchase. It looks to work smoothly, although I’ve not set up a Round-up to be fair.

If you are not getting these choices it might be worth re-installing the App.

I want to know the interest rates… that will be the primary factor for deciding mass appeal.

Want to guess?? :wink:

Haha! What have we become?! I’ll go for… 2.5%

Indeed. I’ll go with 2%

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These would be market leading rates with the Bank of England Base Rate languishing down at 0.1%!. But I’ll vote with the eternal optimists!

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This is just it. Anything less than market leading and we may as well not go to market because otherwise there’d be little incentive for retail customers to switch to a relatively young and unknown service provider. I don’t know what the threshold for market leading objectively looks like, however…

A MoneySavingExpert quote is 1.31% easy access or up to 1.9% fixed (with savings locked in for up to 3-years). With some limited regular savings accounts incentivised at up to 2.75%, but these figures are really pre-adjustment for BoE Base Rate at 0.1%.

I agree that a market leading rate will be a great incentive, but it will probably need a cap on the level of funds invested, or a sliding scale of interest rates attracted. Exciting times, as investors, we may never again see the BoE within 0.1% of actually paying borrowers to take money away!

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Spot on @mannerz55 based on the email today

Shewd Vishal, shrewd :laughing:

And with these market-leading products, the question now becomes whether Strowz will be acquired (such features and tech definitely make it a very attractive acquisition target) or plough on naturally towards a banking licence continued expansion of it’s investment management business.

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I couldn’t agree more. The new App illustrates the complete transformation of MarketsFlow as a company, with its absorption into Strowz, with its great range of financial products that will soon be enhanced further by the addition of a Futures product.

A sticky product offering that will funnel more customers through to the Investment Portfolios, but also build AUM, help the move towards critical mass, break-even & significantly increase the Strowz profile in the financial services sector.

A market-leading 2% savings rate, which is risk-free up to £85,000 (backed by the FSCS guarantee), will see funds from legions of frustrated savers pour into Strowz. A typical example from the competitive savings environment is that the Nationwide Building Society has just reduced its 15-year loyalty savers account from 1.1% to 0.25%, or only 12.5% of the return available from Strowz…

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Traction will be interesting, particularly in a period when most people have other things on their mind. Should expensive marketing be delayed?? Open question …

I think this marketing question is a very pertinent one - I’m all for social media marketing but I think, given the current climate, traditional marketing campaigns on transport routes / infrastructure is unlikely to yield value for money. Social media, however, is likely to be both cheap and effective for user acquisition.

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Agreed, and of course all us investors should be re-tweeting!! :wink:


I completely agree that there is going to be little point in advertising on public transport for the next few weeks. But hopefully this will start to change in maybe 6-weeks time!

On the plus side though the additional 3-week (maybe +) lockdown has created a totally unique marketing opportunity. Most of the UK has become a captive audience that will already be starting to think of the future and Dream. Social media looks to be the big influencer in terms of advertising.

But with a market-leading 2% savings rate Money Saving Expert & the likes of the Money Show may readily latch on to this if they are approached in the right way.


Yes, I’d be shocked if they don’t latch onto this or at least investigate in the next few months (obviously they’ll have to do their due diligence too).

Agreed, the market-leading nature of these products and services will take care of most of the leg-work in terms of marketing content.

It’s also easier to track conversion on social media than advertisements on the tube or elsewhere. The target market is far larger than that that which can be exposed to this via train or bus routes (especially in the U.K.).


Does anyone know how they are able to offer 2%? And sounds like they pay the interest on the monthly basis?