New MarketsFlow website live!

We are super to delighted to announce the launch of our new website taking a minamilist approach.

It is a culmination of grafty hard work put in by the team in a very short space of time.

We are now gearing up for our second and third stage pushes for marketing.

We are also over the moon to have our new marketing guru Jamie, you will hear from him soon.

Hope that you enjoy the new site!


This new site feels and looks really good. The minimalist but sufficiently informative approach works very well.

Hi :wave:

As Tom said I’m the new Marketing Exec at MarketsFlow, and I’ll be working with you guys to make sure we get the deliver the best product possible!

That being said, here is a snazzy gif of the new website - would be great to get your feedback on it (the website that is, not the gif)


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It’s a big step forward!

However, at times it has a lot of jargon in there. The target audience is perhaps a bit more the sophisticated investor, but I would encourage a bit more plain English.

For example, “MarketsFlow uses proprietary platform to dynamically construct the portfolio adhering to mandate, and ensuring that the appropriate relative beta securities always form part of the investment universe.” means something to me, but I work in asset management myself.

I fear the language may alienate some people.

Most people don’t know what ISAs or FSCS is, let alone “relative beta securities”.


I also like the overall “freshness,” look and feel of this. A lot of concentrated effort has obviously gone in to this and it shows.

I agree with Martijn’s view that the sophisticated investor, institutional investor are key targets & this wording needs to be exactly right to catch their attention & inform them sufficiently to make a positive decision.

The difficulty for me is that, I also feel at a base level this has to be written so that it also communicates the essence of MF & what it can do for them, in their language, to a perhaps less-sophisticated, prospective £10 portfolio investor. So, plain English, no abbreviations, non-complex phraseology etc will be the order of the day.

From your perspective Jamie (and welcome to you), I think it will be something of a high-wire act, hitting each of the target markets, whilst not appearing to be patronising to some prospective clients, or superficial and lacking detail to others.

I completely agree - i’ve started work fleshing out (and using less technical terms on the products page)

We’re also working on a glossary of the more complex investing terms that we can link to, when there’s no other alternative and we have to use the jargon and a few other tricks to cover both bases (but we’ll show you them when they’re ready :wink: )

Thanks for your feedback - it’s been incredibly helpful!


More of a question than an answer. But, if I am looking at the MF website for the very first time, what shouts at me & captures my interest?

Certainly, the quality & feel of the website (in progress), the ground-breaking advanced scientific approach, extraordinary rates of return, a prospectively key-player in the democratisation of investment, the World First concepts of pooled portfolios & an entry point of £10. Essentially, MF looks to be the embodiment of investment concepts that I always considered would be out of my reach as a “small investor.” The MF site has numerous Key Selling Points (KSP’s) that will tempt me towards making a decision.

On the other hand say, a sophisticated, institutional, or High Net Worth (HNW) investor looks at the site for the first time, and they are persuaded initially to invest a relatively token amount of funds to test out the MF portfolios & whether they work for them. They are then sufficiently satisfied after 5-6 months, to decide that they are going to invest much more substantially in the MF portfolios.

Investing millions or billions, they are going to contact MF at CEO level, they will presumably be able to negotiate the management fees, but is there anything else that they will expect and will incentivise them & effectively “differentiate” the MF offering in their eyes? For example, as MF grows, at what level of investment might they be allocated a named MF client relationship manager?

Some of these big investors may see democratisation of investment as an erosion of their traditional negotiating position, standing and rights, or is the pace of change now such that they will be faced with no choice other than to embrace the dynamics of a rapidly changing market-place & equal treatment with all other investors?

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Hi @Jamie-MF, I’ve got a few comments on the website, looking at it on my mobile.

  1. This page won’t load, it is just blank (which is the one that automatically tries to load when typing in into the briwser
  2. I’m trying to log in to my account on the UK site, however it keeps taking me to the US site and when I put in my login details it tries to create a new account for me, asking for passport etc. I cannot access my dashboard
  3. Half of the pages I can see are not optimised for mobile viewing, the share buttons are all over the place for example



In fact this is happening on my laptop as well, for both points 1 and 2

Hey @JamesWhitt,

I’ve just let our engineers know, they’re looking into it and i’ll get back to you with an update asap!

What browser / mobile OS are you using?

Feel free to email me about this

Thanks for letting me know

Hi @Jamie-MF, thanks for passing on the feedback. I’m using chrome on both

Hi @JamesWhitt,

We’ve had a look and resolved the issue causing the blank page. This may solve the other two issues, but if not could you send me over a few screenshots?

Thanks again for letting us know :slight_smile:

Hi @Jamie-MF, the first point is now fixed and I am getting directed through to the UK page now. However when I sign it, it is still trying to create a new account for me even though I already have one. I have emailed you screenshots