MarketsFlow Weekly Portfolio Performance

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Happy Friday. Here you go with this week’s portfolio performance and our YouTube

Portfolio Performance for week ending October 04, 2019.
Weekly Returns Since 4 June 2019

|MarketsFlow Managed High Growth Portfolio 0.81% 6.27%
|MarketsFlow Managed Growth Portfolio 1.02% 6.64%
|MarketsFlow Managed ISA Portfolio 0.78% 4.29%

Have a very enjoyable weekend!


A really good week with thanks to Tom and Adam. The control freak in me originally made me very apprehensive about the mere thought of some one else managing money for me, but I am much more chilled now and starting to really enjoy sitting with my feet up, relaxing, and checking the upward progress on the MF app, and letting those nice people at MF do all the hard work on my behalf…

I really like the introduction of the annualised performance to the discussion. Is it worth making this a third column i.e. “Weekly Performance” “Since 4th June 2019” and then “Annualised Estimate”?

Also, is there any mileage in stating an estimate of any time delay in the figures being updated? Something on the general lines of “Today’s MF performance figures can be expected to be updated at 6/7/8.00 am or whenever on the next day.” Then if there is going to be a delay - “Yesterday’s Performance figures should be available by 1.00 pm today” - this type of statement.


Thanks @Curious1 for your note and glad to read that you are now enjoying MF managing your portfolio. That is what we had set out to achieve.

Thanks for your suggestion about annualised performance and we shall certainly make that our third column for the future, however please note that it is not included in this week’s reporting.

Great last point, and we will publish the disclosure for the future in terms of the times for the actual figures being updated. In fact we have now implemented an automation process, which @paul_mf will expand on tomorrow re the portfolio performance update processes daily.

Hope that you are keeping dry this weekend!

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Many thanks & looking forward to Paul’s update tomorrow.

We seem to have avoided most of the rain, but “into every life a little rain must fall,” or in investment terms it is tomorrow’s oil!

@Curious1 hope you’re having a good start to the week!

An update regarding the portfolio performance automation can be found here - Portfolio performance automation processes