MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending December 06, 2019

It’s Friday - So our weekly Portfolio Performance Chat is here :partying_face:

We are discussing this week’s portfolio and market performance, the allocation within the MF portfolios, the drivers of allocation, market volatility, as well as expectations for next week’s stategy.

Click below to hear me and Tom’s chat about this weeks movements :point_down:

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Here is our portfolio performance for last week and since its launch on the 4th of June this year.

Portfolio Weekly Yearly
High Growth Portfolio -0.04% 8.54%
Growth Portfolio -0.06% 8.54%
ISA Portfolio -0.04% 5.53%

Let me know what you think!

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I think this is a format that works very well with all the content conveyed in a concise and accessible manner. I also prefer knowing that Adam isn’t just pulled out part way through trading to help produce the video.

@Jamie-MF - Hi Jamie. Notice there haven’t been any portfolio performance updates in 2020. Are these coming back?

I think it makes sense to leave this as it is for now and then release the performance figures publicly a bit further down the line so that they speak for themselves and get picked up in the press (think “Check out this FinTech Asset Manager that beat the S&P500 and most active fund managers this year…”).

For now, I’d prefer the time saved on making these videos to be used on higher priorities.


Hi @VishalWilde, agree with your comment. Thinking about this further, from the weekly performance updates, I valued the information about what how invested the portfolios were across the assets (ie. Options, Equities, Cash). Rather than the weekly performance updates, it would be great to see this in the app/website which I understand MarketsFlow were planning on getting live. @Jamie-MF - do you know if still happening?