MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 9 August, 2019

Hi everyone, our latest web chat is now on youtube, subscribe to our channel to get a notification as soon as we upload it!

You can watch or listen to it here: MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending August 9, 2019 - Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


An interesting episode and an interesting week in the markets!

I know Marketsflow operates a long only strategy, but if the signals are indicating clear Sell opportunities, is it worth looking at taking short positions too?

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Is there any way of seeing more of a real-time position of our portfolio performance (rather than seeing the performance the day after on the app / online account, and via the Friday webcasts)?



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Love the email that just came out about heightened volatility in the portfolio performance, but then compares it to the S&P volatility which is much higher. Job well done.