MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 6 September, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s webchat in now on youtube, you can watch or listen to it here: MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending September 6, 2019

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Thanks! :blush:



Thanks as always for the interesting webinar.

I’m usually quite positive on here, but this is becoming a bit of a bug bear as the weeks go past. I know the webinar is usually recorded before the end of the Friday session NY time, but it may be worth sending this out after trading has finished, as the figures have usually shifted significantly by the end of the session and usually negatively.

This week is another example - figures say the high growth portfolio is up 0.59% on the week when actually they are up 0.4%, erasing all of Friday’s gains and some of Thursday’s by the time the session closed.

This happens almost every week and so we don’t find out the true figures til Saturday anyway, so maybe record it first thing Monday before the US markets open when you can provide accurate figures and a view of the week ahead given any news over the weekend.

It also suggests a trading opportunity - just do the opposite of what your signals suggest for the last 2 hours of play on the week…

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Hi @JamesWhitt, I understand your concerns. We will discuss what can be done about this. Thank you for bringing it up.

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