MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 26 July, 2019

Hello everyone, our latest web chat is now on youtube, subscribe to our channel to get a notification as soon as we upload it!
You can watch or listen to it here: MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending July 26, 2019 - Thanks! :star:


Appreciate the performance update. How are customer numbers and client deposits progressing?

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Many thanks @Geordie1

Moving forward we would prefer to disclose sensitive numbers on a quarterly basis directly to the shareholders and on this public forum. :slight_smile:

But for now the numbers are increasing by the same exponential numbers as we expected. Considering that we are still in soft launch 1 we are close to £700k with average deposit User account of £3800. This is clearly surpassing our expectations of average at £3000, we would not be surprised to see that number increase significantly.

We are working very hard to move over to our soft launch 2 with the referrals. The main delay is systems, We have increased the tech team to 3, with planned increase to 4 members by mid-August.

We are clearly dealing with highly complex systems due to the multiple tiers, daily flows, but I am very pleased to tell you that we are managing to deal with systems highly effectively.

The plan is to imminently move to soft launch 2 with the roll out of our fee module and incentivised referral systems. Both are in testing mode.

We are well aware of the unparalleled compounded impact MarketsFlow is going to have on the investment management industry but we must get our systems top notch first.

The next leg will involve finessing the UI and Design.

Have a great weekend!


@tom_mf, I watched the latest MarketsFlow performance video and I enjoy listening to our performance vs the general markets.

However, I think it’d benefit from being more systematic and structured in its approach so it can be punchy, deliver the headlines but which also showcases the sophistication of the MarketsFlow platform.

So, for example, if we speak about non-farm payrolls, a Trump tweet etc. and these items are actually processed in the MarketsFlow system then we may want to speak about what the system discerned to be the overall direction of the effect of particular events, for example (mildly positive, strongly negative etc.), without disclosing the reasons as to why so as to preserve competitive advantage whilst also exhibiting the power of the system and its capability to displace research at comparatively ‘traditional’ firms.

If a prospective investor sees that the MF system views events in a positive or negative way as they themselves would or even why it may counter-intuitively come to the opposite conclusions of a prospective investor then that’s really fascinating and speaks to the value-add and sophistication of the platform.

You may also want to impose structure and time limits for each segment like a broadcast house that gives limited airtime to each of its programs.

More broadly still, you may wish to do a segment from each part of the business for current and prospective clients.

Hope this is helpful and have a good weekend!


Hi @tom_mf, I like the comments made by @VishalWilde above and would also like to add some:

With the commentary, as it’s in hindsight, it would be good to call out details of stocks or sectors that did well or bad (but after the trades are closed so that you do not lose your IP). It would be nice to hear things such as “biggest gain for this week is Microsoft and biggest loss is Apple” - for example.

Also, always interested in hearing how much the fund is invested (eg. We end the week with 50% in cash and 40% in stocks and 10% in options).

Think a visual heatmap or some charts could greatly help, rather than the one pager slide. Happy to spend time with you and the team to talk about this or help design it further.