MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 20 September, 2019

Hello all! This week’s webchat in now on youtube, you can watch or listen to it here: MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending September 20, 2019

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Hello @Marie, was the performance in the final trading hours of Friday really so bad that we went from a 0.31% gain on the week to a -0.20% loss (0.51% swing)?

I’ve got a feeling that at least the June fees are included in this but that for me would still be a 0.43% swing.

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Hi James - I had a similar performance outcome on Friday. Be good to know if this was due to market movements in the final trading hours or for another reason.

However I don’t think the June fees are part of this, as when I go into “Account Transactions”, I can see that the June fees were taken out on 16th September. However it’s not clear when I look at the performance on 16th September as it doesn’t show the fees as a separate line item which is probably needed to make it clear.

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I to would be interested to hear the reply to @JamesWhitt

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