MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 18 October, 2019

Happy Friday! This week’s webchat has now been uploaded on youtube, you can watch or listen to it here: MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending October 18, 2019

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MarketsFlow Managed High Growth Portfolio Weekly Returns 0.12%, Since inception 6.88%
MarketsFlow Managed Growth Portfolio Weekly Returns 0.20%, Since inception 7.33%
MarketsFlow Managed ISA Portfolio Weekly Returns 0%, Since inception 4.38%

Thanks and have a lovely weekend! :star:

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Thanks @Marie. One small thing - on the video it says ‘Returns for week as at 20 September 2019’ at the top of the slide that summarises the % weekly returns and returns since inception for the three portfolios.

Have a good weekend!

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Would the MF portfolio performance web-chat benefit from say answering one or two performance related questions from clients/community each week?

This would then link with MF educational aspirations and the media used.