MarketsFlow portfolio performance web-chat for week ending 12 July, 2019

You can now watch or listen to our latest web chat about MarketsFlow’s portfolio performance for week ending July 12, 2019 - Thanks!

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Hi there.
In the chat Tom and Adam present the returns for the 3 portfolios for the past week.
I don’t think any of them mentioned what the comulative returns since inception are. I think this could be useful.
Also important would be to state if the weekly returns are compounded or not. If they are that would be added interest.
I think it’s important to continue to use a benchmark. I like the SP500, which is the one Tom and Adam mention.

I think it would be useful to consolidate the weekly results in one thread. A thread we could check but not comment on. As time goes by a new line is created with the weekly results and the comulative net returns.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks wishes of success


Welcome @sakanix o the MF community

Thank you for the worthy points raised, we will try and implement them :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @tom_mf
Maybe a link to this page

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