MarketsFlow Performance

Hello @tom_mf and @Adam.
A Really solid couple of days trading. For a low entry invested this goes a long way to reassure me the technology and the team are doing a great job.
Just out of interest is there anything in particular driving the positive performance?

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Thank you @Geordie1 for the kind words, means a lot!

We are doubling monthly on our AUM so that is a testament to our good performance, tech and execution. Whilst we cannot divulge into the workings of our portfolios for obvious reasons, we stand on a solid footing for exponential growth. Let’s keep up the good work :smiley:


I have been really impressed by the performance as well. I only put £100 in initially as I didn’t have more after investing nearly £25k in crowdfunding in the space of a few months, but it definitely is my intention to start shifting a lot into MarketsFlow.

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It’s interesting looking at the individual daily data for the High Growth portfolio - there seems to be 1 big day a week and the other days make small gains or losses, almost netting off.

I know you can’t divulge too much on the strategy, but it would be interesting to know whether the ‘net days’ are a function of the option writing and therefore necessary to the strategy or whether it is is just coincidence / a function of the market? And if the latter, whether this experience will feed the strategy and eventually turn the ‘net days’ into big gain days?

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@tom_mf - as you’ve mentioned monthly doubling of AUM, can you update us on that? Sounds very promising.

Needless to say, we need to be realistic in this. Monthly doubling is possible as an early stage startup with a low base of AUM, but over time it will tail off. As with anything in investing, historical performance is no guarantee of future one. :slight_smile:

Having said that, achieving this growth rate with very limited name recognition is something to be excited about.

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Agreed @Martijn but that’s approximately what I’d want to hear given the exponential-trend growth that I’d expect to start for MarketsFlow.

It would be good if when @tom_mf updates the community with performance that he could advise what % of the new funds this latest month are from new investors V those investors who had invested in the previous month or before.
I for one intend on investing every month but it will be at a set monthly rate.

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Good point. As an investor in MF primarily (and in an ISA portfolio) I for one would also be interested to see some analytical as regards new/existing investors.


Sure thing @JamesWhitt this week had two bigger gain days (Wed & today). It is a combination of a number of things, on Wednesday we held positions which all had a big up day, today we had some other big position gains. This week most gains were attributed to stock positions rather than Options.

We will publish next week the complete trade position blotter anonimised with each position gains highlighting +/- % to provide a snapshot of the accessible portfolio performance since inception.


Thank you @VishalWilde we are at £509K plus as of today for accessible portfolios. Our average deposit is gone above £3000 which is remarkable by all standards.

Considering that we are still operating within the Soft Launch 1, this is very impressive by every account.

There are lots of lessons learnt here for MarketsFlow, and we are very confident about the traction moving forward.

Accessible portfolios will certainly prove to be the game changing move for MF from every aspect, client accessibility, portfolio performance, rapid AUM acquisition and much more. The key is to do things right and not compromise :slight_smile:


Thanks @tom_mf - yes indeed, sounds remarkable so I’m looking forward to the numbers in the upcoming second soft launch and launch for the general public.

What about the the AUM more broadly (that is, not just from accessible portfolios but including it)? Is that also growing at a similarly fast pace?