MarketsFlow is proud to be offered the position on the coveted Holt Accelerator Program

Hello MarketsFlow community,

I have some very important news to share, earlier this month (6/07-9/07) I was in Montreal to meet with the Holt Accelerator team, Brendan Holt and Jan Christopher Ap who had invited me as one of the few International rising fintechs to meet with their 100 advisors for the selection day.The advisors covered important VCs and major Canadian financial institutions, I received a lot of interest from them.

Last night I had a call with Jan, and this morning we have received the offer of acceptance into the program with planned equity stake by the Holt accelerator team backed by the Holt family

They are one of the largest family offices in Canada based out of CaymanIslands. I think that they are phenomenal people, very focused and driven just like MarketsFlow.

We are undergoing DD which is a short process due for completion next week.

In summary I firmly believe that this is a truly game changing event in the short history of MarketsFlow, just like the pioneering of our accessible portfolio. And if all goes to plan, we will be launching in Canada soon. The market there is ripe for a player like MarketsFlow, with good work put by traditional robo advisor called Wealth Simple.

Finally, I am so very pleased for the whole team at MarketsFlow, the shareholders, our clients and the wider community. We would not be here without you, and with you we are going much further!

Have a great weekend!

Tom & the wonderful MarkestFlow community


Great news Tom. Well deserved.


Congratulations - really looking forward to further updates on this!


Massive! Congratulations


Congratulations to Tom, the Team and every shareholder for this great milestone.

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Welcome to the MarketsFlow community.


Fantastic news. Well done to you and the team

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Great news @tom_mf!

What is the equity stake Holt are planning to take and at what valuation will this be at? The same as the last CC round? Are there any T&Cs attached with the equity like Holt get paid out first, guaranteed minimum returns on sale etc?

Do you have a planned month for launch in Canada? Will this be a separate campaign to the planned phase 2 launch, or will you look to combine the 2?


I have similar questions to @JamesWhitt


Actually maybe the equity questions are better off answered by an email to investors rather than on the community forum. But the launch plans could still be shared here.


Dear all,

Many thanks for your kind wishes and comments, it truly is momentous new and event for MarketsFlow on many fronts.

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Thanks @JamesWhitt

As you highlighted below I would rather not discuss the finer details on the equity stake just yet, and publicly. In time both parties will be doing their PR and disclosing relevant details. :slight_smile:

We will have a separate launch plan for Canada, and with no bearing on the UK Soft launch 2. As far as the UK is concerned, it is full steam ahead to continue to build on the excellent momentum we have achieved so far and are expecting to achieve moving forward.

We will obviously need to ensure the regulatory approvals are in place for us to launch our accessible portfolio range in Canada, but as an experienced UK firm and hopefully with partners like Holt I expect it be smoother and easier.

I already have invitations from Quebec Chamber of Commerce for setup of the firm in Canada, and we will carefully consider suitability of our HQ requirements ie Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

Our goals would be to work on a launch in Canada within 3-6 months of the program, depending on the feasibility. I really like the fact that the Holt Accelerator and the Holdun Family equally like to move fast.

Together we will make it happen!


Endorsements of the MarketsFlow Platform do not get bigger or better than this. Absolutely stunning news, and not just for MarketsFlow, this is an incredibly astute move by Holt - true symbiosis at work. All of the hard work, internationally recognised prizes & brilliant product made this inevitable, so massive congratulations to everyone involved.


Naysayers where are y’all? :grinning:

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I would suggest shareholders get the opportunity to top up their investment along with Holdun @tom_mf


@sydriq wouldn’t that be nice :wink:

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It sure would and I bet everyone agrees with me! :grinning:


Alas, unless you invested >£25k in the last round, your shares don’t hold any preemption rights so a top-up would be purely at the discretion of @tom_mf


Me asking nicely and seeking support. Common support the movement!

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@Sydriq I would love to provide the opportunity for current shareholders to invest alongside Holt. :slight_smile:

The only issue I see is the logistics, should this have been coinciding with the Crowdcube raise, it would have been fairly simple.

The current terms of the deal are being drafted between Holt & MF.

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