MarketsFlow Digital Eco-System

Today we broke through the quarter of a million deposited in accessible portfolios in about 4 weeks, :clap:

I wanted to run past MF Digital Eco-System footprint. Would love to hear your thoughts?

Lot of you have highlighted that education/awareness is key with a product like MF accessible portfolios. The team at MF could not agree more.

So we are creating a digital eco-system that will go a long way in fulfilling that mission. This is how we see it.


I like it, although I wouldn’t call it an ecosystem.

It’s more like a neat summary of your proposition, but perhaps I am being pedantic as I wrote the ecosystem strategy for our group.

When I say “ecosystem”, I see that as a collection of tools, services and products organised around a common theme, some of them which may be fulfilled by the company itself, some by third parties and some by direct competitors.

What is missing from this is what other tools, services and products are being pulled into the MF ecosystem through partners (e.g. a partnership with Chip to help drive micro-savings into the £10 portfolio, for arguments sake) - the so-called proposition partners.

Or which partners will help us with market acces (e.g. a partnership with Monzo to get on their market place, or with MoneySavingExpert to have them distribute an article to their members) - the so-called distribution partners.

Or which partners could sell competing products in the MF ecosystem (e.g. Legal & General selling a S&S ISA through MF), if on the longer term MF becomes a two-sided market place like Amazon, etc - the so-called marketplace partners.


Great news @tom_mf on the accessible deposits progress! Hopefully once referrals are in place the momentum will continue to grow.

I like the idea of a digital ecosystem and I like the summary of your position. I agree with @Martijn, that it needs to include more of the tools and platforms etc. (which will also probably be already highlighted in more detail on the roadmap).

With regards spefically to the education side of things, I like the weekly webcasts and this will help talk people through the portfolios’ processes and current market events. I think these kind of interactive learning methods are strong complements to the more word-based help tools. As such I think some videos would also be extremely helpful - for example a high-level video demo on how MF works would really help clients get their heads round your offering.


Whilst agreeing with many of the comments, I see this schematic as an outline of the “MF Controlled Ecosystem” which is then, beyond this, subject to the impacts, and links into, the wider external Ecosystem of the market environment, partnerships, joint ventures, agreements, acquisitions, competitive influences, Mexican Family Office etc etc.

I prefer however that this schematic goes slightly deeper. The MF Portfolio Performances are driven by the scientific engine that feeds the Ecosystem. I see this as the beating-heart or brain of this Ecosystem. I also see the continuous development and fine-tuning of this engine as coming in a linked stream from the R & D Lab function.

I also think that “Accessibility” is only half the story in terms of the Ecosystem. What of the Institutional offering, which is quite different?

Also if this is seen as the UK Ecosystem - is it identical for Boston, USA. Which parts of the Ecosystem can simply be replicated for the States? What about the Dubai, Emirates Ecosystem? Will MF offices outside the UK be controlled centrally, with an imposed Ecosystem, or will there be a federated model applied, as with say INEOS?


I’d encourage you, @tom_mf, to map something like this out on the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas. We could also apply the ten types of innovation model subsequently.

Am back from holidays, so happy to meet after work and do it together over a pint! Let me know.