MarketsFlow community, lets freshen the MarketsFlow logo!

Hey Community,

We need an ultra modern look logo for MarketsFlow, which is instantly recognisable globally. It must appeal to all- Millennials to the young ones :wink:

Please, your ideas are not only welcome but highly encouraged. So keep them coming.

We have big plans, and the logo will play a key part.

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This is going to be fun!

Perhaps a simplistic stylised bar-chart with an arrow above it indicating dramatic upward direction. And maybe the current logo, indicating continuity, with the letters “MF” or “MarketsFlow.”

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What about a stylised tree with US Dollars, Pounds Sterling etc growing on it like fruit, maybe with a hand from the Greek God of Wealth Plutus reaching up to grab at the fruit.

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@Curious1 I like it, I think it will be super hit :joy:

Btw Andre, Ilya and Anton have got some 3D models, still to hear Marie’s opinion. In the end we will get a professional designer.

This is too important, our logo has to be a standout along with the app, I have no doubt that we will achieve that.

What about an addition of MF or MarketsFlow “Where “your” money grows.”

I am a civil engineer by trade (a long time ago!), so perhaps I am biased by when I think of “flow” I think of fluid dynamics, and when I think of that I think of a wave. In particular, I think of the painting “The Great Wave of Kanagawa”.


Don’t replicate this painting, but something that is clean, stylistic and minimalistic and thus looks modern, which befits the MF investment approach.

But there is symbolism behind it as well: (a) customers of MF ride the crest of the wave and stay ahead of the market and (b) MF sweeps the market away with its modern tech-driven investment philosophy.

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It might end up looking like there are rough seas ahead or you’re at risk of wiping out!

And MF will guide you through those!

… such a pessimist! :laughing:

Found this online - done by Yoga Perdana.

The most beautiful logos I find though are negative space ones, that have a meaning hidden in them - like this one for a publisher, that has the tip of a fountain pen hidden:

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Hmmm, I’m not sure a company logo should be the problem it is trying to solve :joy:

The design of the wave is nice though - if we could one in the shape of an M it could work!

I know what you mean about the negative space logos. I like the Canterbury logo, which has 3 kiwi birds hidden in it

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…And a woman in a swimsuit…:grinning:

@tom_mf I know a professional Art Director / Graphic Designer who is London based and could help - please let me know if you want me to set up an introduction via email

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Thank you @rahimnota,
I would really like that. :grinning:

Thanks @tom_mf. I’ve sent you an email on this.

That is great, many thanks!