MarketsFlow average deposit climbs to £2440

Hi all,

I want to share some great news about the average deposit held at MarketsFlow investment account which has climbed to £2440 in just 6 weeks of launch.

Go MarketsFlow accessible portfolios! :rocket:


Great news @tom_mf. Have we broke through the £300k AUM?

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Thanks @Geordie1, its over £400K and steadily rising.

We are still within our first soft launch, planning our second soft launch and then incentivised referrals. After that we go with advertising and PR for the general public.


Hi Tom, just wondered what the latest average client deposit “held” is and also per “investment” overall??


Could we get an update on this maybe??


Did we get an update on this? Not a great sign?

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I think an update on this would be expected (at least by me) to be included as an indicative KPI (amongst others) in the upcoming crowdfunding equity campaign (notably, the one on Seedrs that has already been mentioned). I have no control over whether that’s incorporated but that’s amongst some information that I’d like to see there.

From an investor’s point of view, we want reassurance that Strowz is the same limited company in which we invested or alternatively is 100% owned as subsidiary of Marketsflow Limited. To date it is unclear if Strowz is a brand new company to which the good will and assets of Marketsflow are being transferred for no consideration or whether it is purely Marketsflow trading as Strowz (possibly with a change of name at Companies House to follow). In this current climate investors will be nervous and want to make sure their investment is protected.

I remain happy to continue to make further investments in a Seedrs round (equally not used Seedrs before but interested to get involved), subject to the above reassurance.

Hello Littlewig,

Thank you for the question. Strowz is the same ltd company as MarketsFlow Ltd. It is much bigger than MarketsFlow, nothing has changed other than the huge potential of 100% TAM covering savings and investments. We have the same regulatory approvals as before, infect we are adding to those with AISP license.

Thank you again with your continuing support to invest in Strowz on Seedrs. I will keep you updated as we work through our initial internal launch.

Have a beautiful sunny day!

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for your point and it is fair point, infact the deck mentions various KPIs and unit metrics.

Obviously bear in mind moving forward the business model has substantially increased in terms of many factors including AUM inflow.

Stay safe and look after yourself,

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Thank you for this clarifying response, Tom. Much appreciated. Have a great day too!