High Level of Mexican Interest in MF

Hi! Tom,

It is very exciting to read your updates showing that there is so much interest in the MarketsFlow Platform from Mexico.

In terms of strategy revelations, I am not sure how easy it is for you to answer these questions. But, do you see this impacting on MFs overall strategy, in terms of your stated intention to have a presence in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore at some point in this financial year?

Do you see Mexico/South America being initially managed from the States, or are there plans say to open an office in Mexico City, possibly in collaboration with or in the form of a Joint Venture with a prospective partner there?

Thanks @Curious1

Yes we are very excited about Mexico, because there seems to be a great synergy. Our partners are a Family Office with $250M in AUM and our goal would be to tap into that and also bring accessible portfolios to Mexico. They also share the same goal.

In our opinion accessible portfolios should be everywhere, as they truly provide an opportunity for anyone to invest into optimised portfolios, which otherwise would not be possible due to the hefty min account requirements.

As for the UAE and Singapore office opening, we are looking at later in the year. The current focus is scaling our accessible portfolios in the UK due to growth potential and immense interest.

Are permissions already being sought in Singapore, bearing in mind the lengthy gestation period with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)?

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What is your email please. I’d like to drop you a line on this geographic/topic which I have previously commented on.

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