Hello & welcome Strowz on Andorid!

Hello all, :wave:

Its been pure creative dev manic at Strowz last few days, we did release our beautiful Android App yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!

We would love to hear from you if you see any bugs. We are in superfast iterative mode, so expect even more cooler features to appear on a daily basis.

As soon as our iOS App is released, I will issue an official launch blog :smiley:

In the meantime enjoy a sneak preview of the app here.

Lets Strowz our dreams, save and live fuller!



Looking forward to using it! It’s a good sign of what’s to come. A nice, fresh interface!


Hi @tom_mf - how does the saving option work? What interest rates are provided and is this instant access / locked for a set period?

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A fresh branding full of vitality, life & promise.An innovative gateway to realising dreams, through an immersive future.

On the face of it we are not facing the best economic environment for the launch of a new product, but COVID 19 is a temporary, rather than permanent, feature of the economic landscape - it will be beaten & economies will recover, in all probability, surprisingly fast.

There are actually massive plus factors for the launch of a lifestyle Micro Savings product now.

Whilst the population of the UK are confined to their homes, they form arguably the largest Internet accessing audience that we have ever had in this Country, with the complete freedom to do so! People are already starting to talk about how they intend to treat themselves when they are free of the COVID 19 spectre - holidays, restaurants, cars, houses, will increasingly start to emerge from those conversations.

People will soon be seeking a means to turn their dreams in to reality.

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Hey @rahimnota,

Thanks for your great question, please bear with me as I will aim to reply to your question later today or tomorrow morning.

Have a sunny day

You have summed it up wonderfully :heart_eyes:

Thank you @ORL44,

There is a lot more to come :smiley:, lets Strowz our dreams :rainbow:

Have a great day!

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