Dream journeys, links and predictions

Given that some of these ‘dreams’ are actual products and services in real economy (e.g. involving flights and hotels, new clothes, new kitchen etc.), what if, instead of manually keying in the amount details, this linked directly to the price / quote on the product or service provider’s website / catalogue and then the Strowz algorithms could actually predict when one may achieve that through round-ups or otherwise (thereby also potentially providing the vendor a tentative approximation of when purchases may be made in the future).

This would add a lot of value in the real economy for consumer-facing businesses!

Aware, however, that this would require vendors being able to connect their systems suitably.


@VishalWilde thanks. It is quite extraordinary that you have read Strowz’s mind into the future :smiley:

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Absolutely genius mate :v:t3:

Thanks @tom_mf. Great that this is already in the pipeline as an envisioned end state.