Do we need to Mind the Gap?

The background to me feeling that there is a “Gap” is that, I would guess like other MF investors, we are tuned in to checking the MF app for the days performance, the following morning. This effectively leaves a “Gap” in terms of knowledge or insight, into what might be happening with the MF Portfolios of around 24-hours. This is compounded by the fact that investments are made on the US Markets and not all MF investors will be familiar with them.

In the meantime I generally check the NYSE, Nasdaq, Chicago Exchange indexes. If they are well ahead, I then tend to expect a really good performance from the MF Portfolios, if they are significantly down, I generally expect this to be mitigated but still reflected in the MF Portfolio Performances.

The only interventions that seem to impact really detrimentally on the Portfolios are extremely unpredictable events say: perhaps the sudden near collapse of an economy or currency, a World leader assassination or a war breaking out. Or, an out of the blue reversal of sentiment - say just as everyone thought agreement was about to be reached on Trade Wars, there is a sudden unilateral escalation of tariffs.

To bridge this “Gap” is it worth MF at some point developing a background page covering a few major events in the US economy, simply bold headlines without any great detail on major company takeovers, company collapses, Fed statements on inflation or interest rates etc together with US Stock Exchange Indexes that day.

Essentially, any big likely influencers on the MF Portfolio Performances. As MF extends the introduction of the Accessible Portfolio product to other countries, I think this will become increasingly necessary, depending in some part on the sophistication & World acceptance of their Stock Exchange infrastructure of some countries.

This would help to inform MF investors of some of the dynamics of the US market that they have invested in, and hopefully make them even more comfortable with these investments. At the end of the week this bold headline information could all be pulled together in the Podcast, as the backdrop to MF Portfolio Performance.