Decouple Daily Performance information


I like your MerketsFlow app so far, but as a user I would like to see a few things different.

I would like to see the Gains/ Losses of the portfolio performance separately from other transactions such as fees / deposits, as I would like to have an idea on how good the portfolio is performing independently.

Also, on android I get an issue that logs me out of the app every few days I believe

Thank you,

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Hi Theo. Maybe a filter option would be a good idea.

Hi Theo,

Thanks for your message.

We have now resolved this by only showing daily portfolio performance under the web applications portfolio performance summary. The ‘Daily Portfolio Performance’ column shows only the performance Gains/Losses daily without the impact of any fees or deposits.

We are releasing on Monday the new app release which should deal with logout issues for Android.

Have a good weekend!