Congrats MarketsFlow, Holt accelerator concludes due diligence!

Congrats MarketsFlow! :confetti_ball: :clap:

The Holt team have concluded their due diligence with MarketsFlow last week, and they will be taking a stake in MF along with us being part of their 2019 Cohort. We also had a detailed Technology DD call with Ilya, myself and the Holt team last Thursday,

Having been part of Natwest Accelerator in 2017/18 I can tell you that the Holt team means business. Being part of the program goes beyond any funding or the network, we have an institutional backer who is vested in our success. Not to mention the many benefits including access to institutional AUM, expansion to Canada, tie up with major institutions in Canada, future funding etc. The list goes on.

I am truly excited about this opportunity, one of our executive team member will be based in Canada until we setup local operations.

In the coming days we will be announcing more details with a holistic PR exercise including the launch of our incentivised referral scheme launch. :rocket:



Any way you look at this stunning news, it is massively positive on every level. Obviously a “Giant Leap” for MF in astronaut-speak, but also a very astute move by Holt in terms of being an institutional first-mover, and seeing and committing to the sheer potential of MF.

There will be a great future for us all together without a shadow of doubt.


@tom_mf this is clearly great news. Are you able to disclose the size of the share holding they will have? I also recall you were in discussions with a Mexican family, are talks still on going or have they concluded without a deal?

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Very positive news, well done MarketsFlow.

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Great news @tom_mf!

It might be too early to say, but are there any potential collaboration opportunities with any other companies on the accelerator programme?

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This just made my day again.

Congratulations to Tom, The Team at MF and all Shareholders.

Very glad to hear this! When possible, it’d be good to know what price they purchased shares at @tom_mf.

Congratulations on the progress marketsflow, looking forward to seeing growth from the incentivised referral scheme - it’s certainly been working well for freetrade. Do you have recent user numbers to share?

I would imagine user numbers are relatively low. They are in soft launch phase 1 and haven’t been actively shouting from the rooftops yet.

These are once again great news Tom!

Congrats to you and the entire team for achiving this milestone!

Much appreciated if you can share (in a confidential manner if need be) the main points of the agreement with Holt and as mentioned already, the share price.

Thank you and very well done!