Becoming an ‘Export Advocate’

I’d previously sent this in an email to @Asif - there may be scope to become an ‘Export Advocate’ as part of the UK government’s ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign to complement MarketsFlow’s Digital Growth Strategy:

It says “Whatever your product or service, wherever you’re based in the UK, and however big or small your turnover – if you’ve exported before, join the community and become an Export Advocate!”

Furthermore, one of the benefits is “get access to a suite of digital campaign assets to use in your communication and marketing activity” which may help on that front.

Just my two cents that I wanted to put out there.


There are a few that could be of interest:

Unlike accelerators, it’s free and sponsored by the mayor of London so has a major reach. Gives £5k free specialist tailored support to help a clearly defined growth plan. May help build a network.

The leading organisation for U.K. FinTech, may help with network and opening doors. I know their chairperson and a few others within there.

The Velocity accelerator run by the Investment Association, run by its members - big investment managers like Legal & General and Schroeders. It’s free and opens doors with them, so may be an interesting option at a later stage when MF shifts from crowdfunding to seeking institutional funding. I am on their advisory board.