App is crashing

The app is crashing every time I try and open it (Android). Is anyone else having these problems. @Jamie-MF are you aware of this?


I have the same problem. My phone is a Xiaomi Mi 9. It worked before the last update.

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Same. iPhone X. Started today it seems.

Same here and I have an iPhone. Also not been getting the latest daily performance figures for my portfolio when I log in to the website (not sure if others are having that problem too).

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Hi all,

There was an issue in our FaceID/TouchID/passcode update last week (3.1.0) that wasn’t seen during testing; we have investigated and resolved the issue in version 3.1.1 submitted to the app stores yesterday. It seems the update hasn’t reached the Android store yet, though I can see it has on the Apple App Store.

In the mean time, a workaround is to delete and re-install the app, which affected users confirmed to us resolves the issue for them. After we had confirmation we reached out to all of our customers via email to let them know.

@VishalWilde - I believe what you’re describing is no movement on the portfolios last week which is expected, however please let us know if you have a gap in the portfolio performance data for your account.

Thanks @paul_mf. Deleted and reinstalled and working fine now! Yes, it continues to say no change for 3rd and 4th Feb so not sure if that still remains true, given that I might have expected us to be invested again during this week…

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@VishalWilde Great to hear that solved the issue for you as well - unfortunately we’re at the mercy of the app stores with updates!

We’re going back into investing today, so the portfolios will show performance from tomorrow.

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The app didn’t crash on me but I deleted it and reinstalled it anyway. Happy with the new passcode for login with an option for finger print and/or facial recognition